Funny Best Friend Quotes

Funny best friend quotes are not always attributed to a single person. Many times the most memorable funny best friend quotes have been altered and changed over the years. The next time someone asks you about your best friend, be sure to use one of the funny best friend quotes to answer.

  1. "He may be a jerk, but he's my jerk." The word "jerk" is not always the descriptive word used in this funny best friend quote, but it gets the point across. This is for that best friend that no one else but you seems to get along with.
  2. "Your best friend is someone that knows you better than anyone, and still insists on hanging out with you." Sometimes the funny best friend quotes are just telling the truth. Your best friend knows you better than almost anyone else in the world, but still accepts you for who you are.
  3. "Your best friend is not the one bailing you out of jail, he is the one sitting in the cell beside you." A funny best friend quote can often make you stop and think. Best friends experience life together and are there when life-changing events happen, not afterwards when the fun is all over.
  4. "Friends hear the words you say, but your best friend hears the words you don't say." Best friends know each other very well, and they learn to communicate in ways that others cannot understand. The people who listen to you are your friends, the person that understands what you are saying is your best friend.
  5. "Love is blind, but your best friend can see right through you." Love can make people do crazy things and make bad decisions. Your best friend knows when you are leading yourself astray, and can tell when you are making decisions for all of the wrong reasons.



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