Funny Cat Names

There are some funny cat names out there. Of course, there are the typical names: Socks, Midnight and Toby. But perhaps you are looking for something unique to name your cat—something funny, even. Here are the top ten funny cat names.  And if that's not enough, check out these funny cat videos as well.

  1. Chuckles This name might make you chuckle, but people really do name their cats "Chuckles." Warning: It is a funny cat name that may evoke laughter.
  2. Goony Is your cat a goon? Name him "Goony"—it just sounds funny.
  3. Winky This may be a good, funny cat name for a one-eyed cat. "Winky." Get it?
  4. Jester If your cat is funny, then maybe he needs a funny name. "Jester" is a good choice for a comedian.
  5. Bada Bing Can you imagine? “Here, Bada Bing. Here, boy.”
  6. Mr. Bean He’s one silly guy. If you’re looking for a funny cat name, look no further. Mr. Bean is a funny namesake for your cat.
  7. Afro Does your cat have a bushy mane that stands up all over the place? Name him "Afro" or just "Fro."
  8. Boodle-ookins Now this is just a strange, but funny cat name. If you’re looking for something off-the-wall, "Boodle-ookins" may be it.
  9. Catzilla You’ve heard of Godzilla and bridezillas, but never "Catzilla"? Well, this is your chance to have a funny, uniquely named cat.
  10. Count Pounce Or "Sir Pounce-a-Lot." You choose. Either name will describe your cat perfectly.

The great thing about naming a cat is that you can choose anything you like, funny or not. Your cat will not care what you call him, as long as he gets a can of tuna for his trouble.

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