Funny Facebook Groups

Funny Facebook groups are popping up in all sorts of genres. You can find educated funny groups, stupid funny groups and groups that are spin-offs of other popular real life groups. Here are five funny Facebook groups that you might like to join.

  1. If You Ever Find This Group, Join It. Now this is a group that you may only find by accident. That's the funny thing about it. It is there just to say it is there.  That's what makes it funny. It's kind of like a secret group amongst secret groups poking fun at all of the secret groups.
  2. Texting Someone When They're Sitting Right Next To You. At this point, we think everyone is at least a little guilty of doing something while right next to someone like texting them something silly just to get a laugh. Even sitting on the couch with your significant other and posting to one another's Facebook statuses is funny.
  3. All Those Years I Watched "Blues Clues," I Didn't Know Blue Was A Girl. This Facebook group is one of those that makes you think, but also connect with other funny people like yourself. Who knew that a dog named Blue was a girl. 
  4. Looking Down Every Aisle of the Grocery Store Looking for Your Parent. Both parents and children can relate to this funny group. Seeing parents in the grocery store hiding from their children and seeing children looking for their parents frantically makes you laugh. Join this funny Facebook group to link up with other like-minded people.
  5. I remember when rubber bands use to be a circle. With the craze of animal shaped rubber bands, many people are kicking themselves for not having thought of it first, but so many people are just tired of seeing them. This group is for those of you who remember the simple time.



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