Funny Fantasy Baseball Team Names

Often times, funny fantasy baseball team names are the first step toward victory in a league. No one wants to see a team with a boring name like “John’s Team” win it all. Nor does anyone want to see the annoying guy who named his team “CUBS RULE CARDS SUCK IT!!!!” hoist the league trophy at the end of the season. If you want to get off on the right foot in your league, choose one of these funny fantasy baseball team names.

  1. “Honey Nut Ichiros." Fans of Ichiro might want to use this team name, a play on words with the popular breakfast cereal Honey Nut Cheerios and the Seattle Mariners superstar outfielder.
  2. “O’s Before Hoes.” Everyone knows that bros come before hoes, so that certainly includes the O’s as well. This is the perfect name for a die-hard Baltimore Orioles Fan.
  3. “Me So Hornsby.” There is something so wrong, yet so right, about pairing one of the all-time great hitters in Rogers Hornsby with a dirty 2 Live Crew song from the late ‘80s for a creative fantasy baseball team name.
  4. “Bartolo Colonoscopy.” Gross out your fellow managers with the combination of the 2005 American League Cy Young Award winner and a violating medical procedure that every man dreads.
  5. “WHIPlash.” Stat geeks know that WHIP is better at evaluating a pitcher’s worth than ERA and win-loss record. Show off your statistical knowledge with this fantasy baseball team name.
  6. “Victorino is Mine.” You’re going to win your league and you have Philadelphia Phillies outfielder Shane Victorino on your team? How can you not use this name?
  7. You Down With OBP?” Yeah, you know me. If you’ve constructed your team with guys who work the count and get on base at a high rate, this is the perfect name for your fantasy team.
  8. “All Your Bases are Belong to Us.” Internet memes meet fantasy baseball with this name, a nod to one of the oldest memes, “All Your Base are Belong to Us.”
  9. “Kiss My Bunt.” No power? No problem. If you’ve got scrappy speed guys who manufacture runs, tell all the teams with big boppers where to kiss it.
  10. “Hip Hip Jorge.” Whether it be Cantu, De La Rosa, or one of a dozen other Jorges in MLB, whichever one is on your team can inspire you to use this fantasy baseball team name. Then you can use it as your victory chant when you win your league.
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