Funny Pet Names

Funny pet names can be a play on words, the names of famous characters in movies or television or just an indication of you pet's characteristics. When you think of funny pet names, you should make sure the name fits the pet because that is how people will refer to your pet for the rest of it's life. Here are some funny pet name ideas to get you started.

  1. Bonnie and Clyde. Some pet owners get brother and sister pets, or they get a neutered male and female that get along very well. If you seem to have two partners in crime, whether they are dogs and cats, then you have a Bonnie and Clyde.
  2. Gizmo. The famous and cute little character from the "Gremlins" movie franchise is a very popular name for cats with patches of color. This is an especially popular name for long-haired cats or cats that have a very soft coat.
  3. Charms. You can use Charms or Charmer for your funny pet name for your dog. Dogs tend to work harder for people's attention, and that is why Charms is an appropriate funny pet name for your dog.
  4. Cat Stevens. This funny pet name only works if you know who Cat Stevens is. He is a folk singer who has an interesting religious history. He changed his name to Yusuf Islam when he converted to Islam many years ago, and that means you are free to use the name Cat Stevens as a funny pet name for your cat.
  5. Hulk. Some people just like having big dogs. If you own a puppy that you know will become a big dog, then Hulk is a great funny pet name for your dog. It is funny to call a little puppy Hulk, and it becomes appropriate to call that same puppy Hulk when he grows into a huge dog.
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