Funny Questions To Ask A Girl

These funny questions to ask a girl are all great questions that will show your great sense of humor. If you want to have a few laughs and make someone else smile, these are great questions to ask. You'll be sure to get a great response with any of these questions.

  1. Have you ever been arrested?: This is an obviously inappropriate questions that truly seeks no answer. The complete disregard for social structure makes this a funny question to ask a girl. If will surely inspire laughs and interesting dialogue to follow.
  2. What is your favorite color and explain why?: This is a great funny question to ask a girl on a date. Asking for an explanation to such a basic preference is nonsensical and certainly unexpected. When posing such a question it is best to make it obvious you are joking, or exaggerate a serious tone.
  3. Why is lingerie so popular if love is blind?: This question is funny as it shows a critique on a romantic assumption that love is blind. By focusing on lingerie's visual sex appeal, it's a humorous critique of the "love is blind" expression. It's a funny question to ask a girl if you want to make her see your sense of humor.
  4. Was that an earthquake, or is it you rocking my world?: This is a romantic and humorous pickup line. It is a play on words that will make any girl smile. It's the perfect funny question to ask a girl if you want her to see you are interested in her.
  5. Other than being so beautiful, what do you do for a living?: This is a great pickup line that is posed as a question while showing your interest. It's a great funny question to ask a girl that shows you are able to make a joke. It shows self-confidence and a willingness to compliment others.
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