Funny Questions To Ask Your Girlfriend

There are funny questions to ask your girlfriend, and there are not so funny questions to ask your girlfriend. If you want to keep her as your girlfriend, then you will stick with the funny questions to ask your girlfriend. The level of humor is directly proportionate to how serious the relationship is. Remember that when you think of funny questions to ask your girlfriend, be sure you want to hear the answers.

  1. "Do you snore in your sleep?" This question is innocent enough to ask at any stage of a relationship, and it is one of those funny questions to ask your girlfriend that can make her red from embarrassment, even if her answer is no. This is a good question to ask when her sister or best friend is around so that they can disagree with your girlfriend's response.
  2. "Any tattoos I should know about?" It helps if you ask this question in an innocent tone so that you cannot be accused of any perverted intentions. The best part about this question, aside from it being one of the funny questions to ask your girlfriend, is that you may be surprised at the answer you get,
  3. "How would you cook a basketball if you had to eat one?" This question is just plain silly, but it can also start a very interesting conversation. There are many different tangents that this answer could take that could be one of those little secrets between you and your girlfriend. Cooking a basketball may be one of your secret phrases for something completely different.
  4. "What annoys you more when it falls asleep; your butt or your leg?" There is absolutely nothing wrong with getting a girl to start talking about her butt as the beginning of a joke. It gives you a chance to compliment her on her physical attributes, and that is something girls love to hear.
  5. "What actor would you compare me to?" Hey, there is no reason why all of the questions have to be about her. You probably spend hours a day talking about her, and that is all very necessary. But it is nice to get her talking about you once in a while to find out how she really sees you.
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