Funny Rap Lines

These funny rap lines prove that rap is one of the most demanding musical genres when it comes to creativity and wittiness. Rappers have to come up with witty lines that can fit in the rhythm and tempo of the song and maintain a level of coherence while jumbling up words. Sometimes, it does not come out right, and we have compiled a list of funny rap lines that will make you wonder what the composer or the rapper was thinking.

  1. "Young, black, and famous, with money hanging out the anus." Mase and Puff Daddy’s “Can’t Hold Me Down”. That money would not be nice-smelling, but that rap line sure is funny. It only means that you can't mess around with someone who shoots out money from his behind, no one can top that funny rap line.
  2. "Too democratic. Republic, F it. We chicken nugget. We dip in the sauce like mop and bucket.” – Outkast’s “Humble Mumble”. When you can combine politics, cursing, food and house chores in one breath, you deserve a space in this list of funny rap lines. To make it more interesting, "Humble Mumble" isn't funny at all. When you listen to the whole song, you'll realize that this line is funny because it's so true in most of the people's lives that go around you.
  3. “World destruction push the button end of discussion. Boom.” – Vanilla Ice’s “Elvis Killed Kennedy”. This deserves a spot in the funny rap lines because of his imagination of how the world will end, and how lousy raps can be sometimes. Although there are a lot of creative ways to say how the world ends, ending it with a loud "boom" seems to be funny enough. Well, sometimes it's funny because it makes you laugh, with this one, you decide if it's funny or if it is laughable.
  4. “When you take a sip you buzz like a hornet/Billy Shakespeare wrote a whole bunch of sonnets.” – Lyte Funky Ones’ “Summer Girls”. A hilarious line that is a classic example of how rappers can run out of rhymes, and make no sense whatsoever. The first line was acceptable in some way, but the second one? Can you even figure out Shakespeare's relationship to a hornet's buzz? This got a place on our list of funny rap lines because just like the Vanilla Ice song above; funny and laughable.
  5. “Dear Mr. Toilet/I’m the shit/Got these other haters pissed ‘cause my toilet paper thick” – Lil Wayne’s “Money on My Mind”. Need we say more? Lil Wayne’s wit and funny attack deserves a spot on our funny rap lines. You may not understand the existential bliss when rappers talk about fecal matter and anuses, but it sure is funny to listen to Lil Wayne talk about haters and toilet papers at the same time.
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