Funny Things To Say To A Girl

Learning funny things to say to a girl can really start your next date off right. If you can get the girl to laugh or even smile within the first few awkward minutes of the date, then you just won half the battle. She’ll now think of you as that cute, funny guy that she had such a great time with. Pick any one of these funny things to say to a girl and you’ll be golden in no time.

  1. Make fun of your own flaws. This is an excellent tactic because it shows the girl that you don’t take yourself so seriously and that you’re not just another arrogant jerk. What you say can depend on your own personality and how seriously you actually do take yourself. For example, if you could stand to lose five or ten pounds, make a joke about how much you like to eat when your date orders a salad. She’ll be so charmed by your wit that those extra pounds won’t even bother her.
  2. Answer questions in a playful way. When you’re on a date with a girl, she’s bound to start asking questions. When she does, start making a joke of the conversation to lighten things up and to make her laugh. For example, if she asks you what you like to do for fun, say something about how much you enjoy sitting quietly in your room, massaging feet or any other crazy, funny thing you can come up with. Be sure to say it with a smile so she gets the joke.
  3. Point out her lame jokes. If the girl is telling a joke or says something spontaneously that is adorably lame, call it out. Say something about how it’s okay, she’s pretty enough that she doesn’t have to be funny. Say this only after you’ve determined that she really does have a good sense of humor, and again, say it with a smile. She won’t be able to resist giggling about her own lame attempt at humor.
  4. Tell a lame joke yourself. Then, after you’re done, say something about just how lame that was. This works great. At first, the girl might not respond to your first attempt at humor. But after you point out how you’re not good under pressure or you’re really better when you’ve had time to prepare material, she’ll find you so charming that she won’t be able to hold back the laughter.
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