Funny Yahoo Answers

Want to read some funny Yahoo! Answers? Well sure, only everybody on the internet wants to! Yahoo! Answers was introduced to the web a few years back and with great success. Yahoo! Answers is a community that anyone can sign up for and instantly start asking and answering questions from random strangers and people on the web. It's quite hiliarious at times. You have to remember that teenagers spend a large amount of time on the site asking common sense questions and in return they get some quality answers back (hilarious quality, that is).

So how can you check out some funny Yahoo! Answers? There are a tons of ways. People have actually started making websites devoted to posting the lastest and most hilarious Yahoo! Answers out there. All you need to do is search for "funny Yahoo! answers" and you will be instantly connected to thousands of web results.

You can also find funny Yahoo! Answers from signing up for an account. Instanly after signing up, you will be able to browse through every topic and question on the online community. Not only can you view and rate answers on the website, but you can also ask questions yourself and even answer a few if you want. It's really a great source of entertainment for a rainy night.

You must remember that when you are viewing funny Yahoo! Answers most of the strange and bizzare questions are asked by teenagers who might not really know the answer. Surely a few of them do and just want to provoke a compelling response of viewers on the web. You may also notice that many funny Yahoo! Answers that you find hillarious might seem a bit offensive to others. In that case, Yahoo! Answer moderators will normally protol the site and remove those answers. Either way, it's sure to tickle your fancy when you have spare time.



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