Furniture fo the Ultimate Bachelor Pad

There is some furniture for the ultimate bachelor pad that is simply not an option. The bachelor has to juggle multiple guests. You have to be prepared to party with your boys, but you also have to be able to not embarrass yourself if a willing lady comes over. Lets get started.

  1. Big Screen TV. This should be the centerpiece of your collection. As a bachelor, instead of spending money on things like vegetables and flowers, you are able to have a great deal of spending money. In many instances, the TV can be regarded as a status symbol. You can choose to see it that way, or you can see it as a portal to video game nights, Super Bowl parties, and a great way to get chicks over to your place. What girl can resist watching a movie?
  2. Futon. Yes, you already have a bed. But what happens if one of your buddies needs a place to crash? Yeah the couch might do, but what if he has a lady that he wants to get with. A futon is your best bet here. Think about the symbolism of the futon as well. What says "bachelor life" better than a futon. Bonus points if you only have a futon to sleep on, yet you still have the big screen.
  3. Bar. Every bachelor needs a bar. Whether it's a mini fridge next to some 2×4's on cinder blocks or a full blown mahogany structure with leather, you need a place to store your booze, and better yet, a place to serve it and mix drinks. If you bring a chick over to your place, you need to be able to offer her a drink. Make sure you have coconut rum if that's your game.
  4. Lawn furniture. I don't care where you keep it, but you need to have lawn furniture. When it's sunny outside, you have to be able to drink outside. If you're having guys over for drinking games, you've got to have extra seating. Lawn furniture is cheap and hardy. Just like you.
  5. Lava lamp. Nothing says classy like a lava lamp. A lava lamp will really add to your low lighting scheme. Your druggie friends will be impressed, and you can pretend that you are in the future.
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