G-Star Belts: 5 Best

These are the five best G Star belts. Unlike in the past, belts today are more than just an item to hold your pants up. They have become a fashion statement. Everybody tries to wear the flashiest belt possible, without looking tacky. Well, G Star has some of the best belts on the market, and with them, you can be the talk of the party. Here are the five best G Star belts.

  1. G Star Originals Belt- This belt is very flashy. Having their name sprawled out across the belt in a way that just shouts " I AM EXPENSIVE" will make everyone's head turn. But that is not the only thing that makes this belt so great. This is one of the very few good looking belts made from denim.
  2. G Star Raw Lace Cotton Belt- Whether you decide to buy this belt in white or navy, you will still look great. This belt has a vintage look that will earn you "throw back" points with your peers, yet still looks innovative enough to think this is a modern look.
  3. G Star Raw Leadger Belt Black- This belt has nothing flashy about it. It is your typical leather belt. So why is this belt considered so great? Because it is simple. Sometimes the belts that are simple draw the most attention. This belt is a perfect compliment to a pair of blue jeans or tan khakis.
  4. G Star Raw Lewis Belt Saddle Brown- Just like the belt above, this is a leather belt. So what is different about this one? Mainly the color. Saddle brown is a mix of light brown with orange. Although it may not look classy like the other one, its color is sure to draw a few looks from other people.
  5. G Star Cody Allover Belt- The final belt on this list is a great one to wear. It is a basic color that won't draw much attention (white), but has a design that is as modern and innovative as you can wish for. Wearing this belt will certainly make you the newest trendsetter in your town.
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