G-Star Belts: How To Wash

If you want to know how to wash a G-Star belt, you have to think of how to wash leather. The method is the same as any other leather accessory or article of clothing you would wash. G-Star belts are predominantly made of leather. You can wash a G-Star belt yourself or you can have it professionally done.

What you need to wash a G-Star belt:

  • Clean cloths
  • Mild soap
  • Bowl
  • Leather conditioner
  1. Before you begin washing the leather belt you have to remove any loose dirt. Most marks will wipe off without any cleaner at all. Take a clean dry cloth and lay the G-Star belt out flat on a clean dry surface like a table or countertop. With a little muscle, rub off as much of the dirty spots as you can.
  2. Choose a mild soap to wash a G-Star belt. Using a mild dish soap is a good suggestion. Mild soaps are safe to use on a leather belt. Another option would be to use a saddle soap to wash a G-Star belt.
  3. Put some water in a bowl. After you have chosen the soap to wash the G-Star belt, put no more than about a teaspoon in the water and mix it up to make a cleanser. Too much soap will leave a sticky residue that will absorb into the leather and result in drying it out too much.
  4. You will need a few clean cloths to wash a G-Star belt. Soak the first cloth in your cleanser and ring it out well so that it is damp, not wet. Wash only one side of the G-Star belt first. Take your damp cloth and rub away the dirt until the leather is even in color. This will avoid discolored spots after drying.
  5. Wipe away the soap. Take another one of your clean cloths and wet it with clean water. Again, you will want this cloth to be damp as well. Simply wipe the washed area to get the soapy residue off your G-Star belt.
  6. Dry the G-Star belt. Now that you have washed the G-Star belt you have to dry the leather with a dry clean cloth. Pat dry the belt until it is thoroughly dry. Leaving moisture on the G-Star belt will leave unwanted watermarks.
  7. Turn the G-Star belt to the other side. To completely wash a G-Star belt you have to wash both sides. Once the first side is dry, flip it over to wash the other side. Follow steps four through six.
  8. The final step to wash a G-Star belt. This may be the most important step in the washing method. Since G-Star belts are made out of leather, they dry out when washed. Leather must be conditioned to last a long time. You can purchase leather conditioner for a low price at any store that carries leather. Follow all directions when applying leather conditioner and remember to let it dry completely before you wear the G-Star belt.
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