G-Star Jackets: 5 Best

Turn yourself into a trendy hipster with 5 best G-Star jackets. G-Star is a brand that is known for being trendy without going overboard on anything too label happy or tacky. They started out designing jeans for men and have since branched out into other aspects of men's wear and a women's line. The only down side to some of the things that G-Star designs, is that they have a definite eye towards the skinny fit crowd. Most of the things that they design are made to fit close to the body-which doesn't always work well it you're not a twig thin hipster. The one area of design where G-Star has taken different body shapes into consideration, is with their jackets. G-Star jackets manage to create the same slender silhouette as the rest of their gear but can still be worn by the non-skinny types.??

  1. Labour Jacket. This is a nice light weight, cotton casual jacket that is accented with square stitching along the top right lapel. It's a high-waist jacket with a three button closure that hugs the body to create a trim silhouette. Making it G-Star jackets best if you're looking for something to make your style stand out.
  2. Correct. This is G-Star jackets best look for anyone going for a classic business look. It's a classic double breasted sports jacket that can double as a suit jacket or be worn over jeans if you want to go for a business casual look.
  3. Slim Tailor Silhouette. One of G-Star jackets best for working with classic denim. Unlike traditional denim jackets-which are generally designed to be loose- this jacket is fitted and worn close to the body. Being a denim jacket will give you a long, lean silhouette that goes good with skinny fit jeans. The contrast stitching and worn front pockets give the jacket a faded look, making it easier for you to rock the dirty, too casual to care look.
  4. New Correct Coat. G-Star jackets best for the casual sports look. It's a soft grey nylon jacket with a hidden zipper closure and a small flap overlay accented with silver buttons. It's a jacket that can make the transition from work to the street without too much fuss.
  5.  Advantage Cardigan. This is among G-Star jackets best because of its duel functionality. For the most part it's a giant cardigan sweater, but it's cut so that it fits more like a sports coat or a blazer so that it has more tapered fit. It has a double breasted lapel that connects to the hood at the back of the jacket. If you want a jacket that can keep you warm and comfy, this is it.  
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