G-Star Shirts: How To Wash

When it comes to G-Star shirts, you most definitely want to learn how to wash your clothing properly. By following this simple step by step guide, not only will you learn how to wash your G-Star shirt, but you will preserve your fashion as well!

  1. Check the tag. It is very important before washing any clothes, especially G-Star shirts, to check the tag for cleaning instructions.
  2. Prepare.  Take your G-Star shirt, and flip it inside-out, by doing so it will preserve any logos on the shirt that contain colors. If there are any stains to be pre-treated do so now with your choice of product.
  3. Washing Machine. Fill your washing machine with warm water, you may wash your shirt with like colors, or wash it alone.  The setting you put your washing machine to is your choice, unless specified on the tag of your G-Star shirt.
  4. Detergent. Add your detergent of choice to the warm water; you can use liquid detergent or powdered detergent.
  5. Let wash and Dry.  Allow your washing machine to go through the cycle. This should take around twenty minutes. Once done place your G-Star shirt in your dryer with or without a dryer sheet. If you do not have a dryer, place your shirt on a clothes hanger, and hang off your shower rod to dry.
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