G-Star Shorts: 5 Best

Be a trend-setter with G-Star shorts' 5 best styles. G-Star shorts pick up where the G-Star jeans leave off. They focus on styles that are tapered close to the body and creating a skinny-fit look. Unlike G-Star jeans, G-Star shorts don't place as much emphasis on unusual skinny-fit cuts and are geared towards looks that are casual-preppy. G-Star shorts are good for giving your casual wear a more upscale look.

  1. Clifton Shorts. These are the best G-Star shorts to wear if you're going to spend a day at the beach or need a look that can go from poolside to the movies. These are knee-length, green and white plaid shorts that have a classic "preppy" look. Since they aren't as tapered as other G-Star shorts, they can double as swim trunks.
  2. GS Blade Loose. These G-Star shorts take classic denim shorts and make them trendy by tapering them at the leg and cuffing them at the knee. If you're looking for a hipster Huck Finn look, these are the G-Star shorts for you.
  3. Trident Tapered. These rank among the best G-Star shorts for their fitted flat front look. These G-Star shorts are flat front, fitted khakis that have been cut and hemmed just below the knee to give them a hot, preppy summer look.
  4. Work Rider Tapered Chinos. These are G-Star shorts best for those who are looking for a pair of fitted cargo shorts. They have all of the pockets of classic cargo shorts, but instead of being baggy, they are cut to fit closer to the body. The look makes these cargo shorts a bit more upscale.
  5. Rovic Long Cargo Shorts. The are G-Star shorts best for a look that isn't as tapered as the rest of their line. These are longer-than-average G-Start shorts that stop about mid-calf. They have all of the pockets of classic cargo shorts and have a lot more leg room.
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