Gabapentin Side Effects

There are Gabapentin side effects just like with any other medication you may take. Gabapentin is the generic form of Neurontin. Here are Neurontin side effects you may find yourself coping with whenever you take this generic medication:

  1. Peripheral edema is an uncomfortable condition where your hands and feet will become swollen. Whenever this becomes painful or if it doesn’t go away for a few weeks after you start taking Gabapentin, you will want to talk to your doctor about this Neurontin side effect.
  2. Dizziness may occur whenever you begin taking Gabapentin but will usually lessen, as your body grows accustomed to this medication.
  3. Drowsiness may also occur. However, this will mainly occur whenever you are taking a higher dosage of this medication. It is also something that is mainly observed within elderly patients who are taking Gabapentin. Until you know just how drowsy this medication is going to make you, you should not operate heavy machinery or drive a car.
  4. Hepatotoxicity is a chemically driven form of liver damage. This is why it is so important to make sure that your doctor knows if you have liver, kidney or heart disease. Don’t leave it up to your doctor to remember that you have one of these conditions because you shouldn’t take Gabapentin if you do.
  5. Allergic reactions are another of the Neurontin side effects. These reactions can take on the somewhat mild form of rashes, hives or itching. However, they can be somewhat severe as well and include difficulty breathing, tightness in your chest or swelling of your mouth, face, lips or tongue. If you have a severe allergic reaction, make sure to seek immediate medical attention.
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