Gadgets For Vista

One of the most loved parts of the Windows Vista operating system is the gadgets for Vista. Gadgets are small mini applications that reside on the desktop for easy access and use. They aren’t as complex as a typical program, but they do serve useful and neat purposes for casual computing!

  1. Use zCalendar (instead of the built-in OS calendar) for easy access to your busy schedule! Of course, you can access a basic calendar by double-clicking the time down in the right-hand corner, but it may make more sense to begin using a flexible and featured calendar such as zCalendar. Never miss an appointment again by setting noticeable alerts and sounds. When you mark a date for an event, zCalendar will make this day noticeable on the calendar so that you are always aware of when all of your events will take place. If you want more functionality, turn to zCalendar. It’s certainly one of the best Vista gadgets available.
  2. If you want an in-depth breakdown on your local weather right on your desktop, choose ProWeather. ProWeather is one of those Vista gadgets that makes it simple to receive your local weekly forecast, wind direction, humidity index and so much more. Of course, this gadget stays docked as a small box that contains the current temperature and location. However, once you click the arrow at the bottom of the box, a full breakdown on your local weather will slide out. What’s better is it will even alert you to any warnings or alerts sent from the national weather service!
  3. Micromanage the way your dual core computer is running with Multi Meter. Are you that somebody that feels the need to constantly monitor what you’re computer is doing and when? Have you tried several Vista gadgets that claim they do this but you still aren’t satisfied? You can accomplish this easily with the Multi Meter. Multi Meter helps you monitor both of your core processors at once, your RAM usage and it looks wonderful and compact. You don’t want to try out any more Vista gadgets that claim to accurately monitor CPU/RAM usage until you’ve tried Multi Meter.
  4. Use Clip Collector to copy up to 120 clips at once! Isn’t it frustrating knowing that you can only copy one thing onto your computer’s clipboard? Are there several things you want to copy but you simply can’t due to your OS’s restrictions? This is one of those Vista gadgets that come to the rescue! Clip Collector sits on the side of the desktop in a small and compact form for you to browse. Anytime you copy an item to your computer’s memory, it will also paste to one of the clipboard’s pages, making it easy to copy many things at once without overwriting any previous copied information. Now, that’s convenient!
  5. App Launcher makes it easy to quickly access and launch your favorite programs. Of course, Vista gadgets can relay the weather, computer usage, important events and more, but what if it can help you organize and get to your favorite applications in a flash! App Launcher helps you do this easily. App Launcher is a lot like the Windows Quick Launch tool, but you might already know that this tool can get very messy if there are more than 6 applications present in it. This is where App Launcher comes into play. App Launcher puts all of your most-used applications into a neat and organized grid, making it easy for you to browse and choose from. Drag and drop them into the App Launcher (you can even drag and drop folders and files) and you’re ready to go. You’re going to want this gadget on your desktop if you love your programs.
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