Gadgets You Can’t Afford: Most Expensive Gadgets 2009

Want to learn about the most expensive gadgets of 2009? We all enjoy fawning over gadgets that we cannot afford. Here are some gadgets that you gadget lovers need to put on your "When I win the lotto wish list."

  1. The iPhone Supreme is the most expensive phone gadget of 2009 as it is valued at $3,120,000! This expensive gadget takes the price of the iPhone to a whole new level that will definitely separate typical iPhone lovers from rich iPhone lovers. This phone is so expensive because it is 22-carat solid gold-plated and has 53 diamonds in the Apple logo on the back. Oh and do not forget the granite box that houses the phone!
  2. Transmission Audios Ultimate Speakers are the most expensive speakers of 2009. Talks about an expensive gadget. These speakers are valued at $1,000,000 per speaker. These speakers are six 7 feet high panels that include a supertweeter ribbon, two tweeter midrange ribbons, and three woofers!
  3. The first $1 Million laptop has been released by Luvagilo; this luxury laptop is the ultimate expensive gadget of 2009. Luvaglio's Luxury Laptop is valued at over $1,000,000. What makes this laptop so pricey? Well here are a few of the features; colored diamonds for the power switch, 17" LED wide screen, slot-loading Blu-ray drive, 128 BG SSD and security ID for users.
  4. Terra Wind Amphibious RV released in 2009 is valued up to $1,200,000. This expensive gadget of 2009 is unlike any typical RV you have ever gone camping in before. This RV can actually go in the water! Remember that campsite you saw across the lake but your RV couldn't make it? Well buy this expensive gadget and you will never have that issue again!
  5. The Venturi Fetish Sports Electric Vehicle is an expensive gadget that any earth-loving speed demon would long to have! This space looking car is valued at $660,000, which most definitely makes it one of 2009's most expensive gadgets that most of us cannot afford. Sadly only 25 of these cars were made, as they are marketing the vehicle as automotive art.
  6. Triton 100 Luxury Submersible is a two-person submarine that retails for $1,690,000. Don't you worry though; this expensive gadget will include maintenance and piloting training at no additional cost. It also includes luxury comfort inside with air conditioning and leather seats.
  7. Rocket Belt produced by Techologia Aerospacial Mexicana is another expensive gadget of 2009. These belts are fully customizable and will only cost you around $250,000. Just like the submarine the Rocket Belt will also come with five lessons teaching you how to use your custom belt. They also offer training on the fueling process and the equipment itself.
  8. Keymat has made the world's most expensive LCD TV: Yalos Diamond. The Yalos Diamond is valued at $150,000, which makes this gadget quite the expense in 2009. What makes this TV so special? Well that is simple–the white gold plating that includes a minimum of 20 carats of diamonds in the TV's border.
  9. Cabasse has redesigned the speaker industry with their new La Sphere speaker system. La Sphere will set you back about $176,000 if you try to buy this expensive gadget of 2009.  At the time of release of these amazing gadgets they were the only four-way point source speaker system in the world! These speakers can easily delivery linear sound responses up to 25,000Hz.
  10. SimCraft Apex SC 830 is the most advanced gaming chair ever released. Why don't you take your gaming experience up to the ultimate level with this gadget? It's retail value in 2009 was $40,000. This chair was originally crafted for the military but is now being sold to anyone who can afford the hefty price tag. This chair will blow any typical arcade chair out of the water so if you are a video gaming gadget lover, this is a must have gadget you may not be able to afford.



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