Gaited Horse Saddles For Men

Gaited horse saddles for men can help you ride an active horse with comfort for you and your horse. Since gaited horses have well-developed hips and shoulders, the gaited horse saddles can fit the horse comfortably so you can ride with ease. These saddles can provide you and your horse with great quality and design so you can get an elite riding experience.

  1. Abetta Gaited Horse Saddles, square skirt: Saddles can often run for high prices – causing you a huge investment you may not have the means or desire to make. Rather than spending over $1,000 to ride comfortably, the Abette horse saddle offers great fit in a reasonable price. You can find this gaited horse saddle at a reasonable $310 price with free shipping. The saddle is designed to give you a comfortable ride, while still providing you with ample movement. It has more narrow bars with an angled design to ensure the saddle has an optimal fit. This brand has even gone as far as attaching the nylon to shock-absorbing foam – thus making the ride more stable and far less painful. It truly is a design that has gone over the top so you can ride without worries.
  2. Blue Ridge Gaited Julie Goodnight Saddle: This gaited horse saddle may have a high price tag (over $2,100), but it is definitely worth it if you need a high-quality saddle. This elite saddle was created to let you communicate efficiently with your horse while riding comfortably. The skirt is shock-absorbing and the ErgoBalance stirrups are designed to reduce knee/ankle fatigue. This model truly goes above and beyond comfort to make sure you can enjoy even long rides.The skirt even has a gel pad that ensures your horse's comfort as well. If you want a top of the line product, then you don't need to look any further than the Blue Ridge Gaited Saddle.
  3. Circle Y Gaited Saddle: This gaited horse saddle has a classy cowboy look with its "Tobac" reddish-brown leather appearance. It has dee-rings both in the front and back, and even has silver-plated conchos. Thus, there are few saddles that can compare to the dual aesthetic and function of this outstanding saddle. You can look and ride strong at the same time. It is also exteremely comfortable for you and your horse, making the $1,000 investment well worth it. The rigging on this saddle is a adjustable and the "Easy Fit Ralide" tree is flexible – giving you a free-moving smooth ride. Best of all, the leather on the saddle is embossed with an intricate design, giving it a one-of-a-kind artisan look. It truly is a saddle you won't want to overlook.
  4. Black Fabtron Gaited Horse Saddle: This is an outstanding saddle that is designed to be lightweight, giving your horse the best in comfort. It is designed specifically to cater to your riding needs by providing the best movement for the horse's neck and shoulder. By combining leather and cordura, the saddle still looks expensive without having to break your budget. You won't have to worry about this saddle breaking as it has a 5-year warranty to ensure it lasts you a long time. It's a great choice and under $600 you can have this great saddle to ride at an advanced level.
  5. Royal King Triumph Gaited Saddle: This is absolutely one of the best choices you can make when purchasing a gaited horse saddle. It won't cause you to overspend as it's only $370, while still providing excellent quality. The dark brown finish lets it stand out while appearing to be worth far more than its price tag. It is lightweight and designed to optimally fit your active horse. It is even created to minimize skirting, thereby maximizing movement. The padded leather seat makes sure that no matter how long your ride is, you don't experience discomfort. With the smooth leather design, you can be sure this will keep you pleasantly comfortable while it lasts you a long time. It's a durable gaited horse saddle you won't want to miss out on.
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