Gall Bladder Surgery Recovery Time

Gall bladder surgery recovery time is dependent on the individual and their healing process. It is believed that the recovery time for this operation will last until the incision heals within the patient. However, when speaking to your doctor after the surgery he will be able to give you a better time frame for your recovery time. Recovery is based on many different things from the person’s diet to their physical activities.

After gall bladder surgery, your doctor will usually release you from the hospital anywhere from a few hours later to two days later. The time frame for your release is dependent on how the surgery went and if there were any complications. Whatever the time frame is for the release remember that your body is not healed so you will be advised by your doctor to take it easy for about five to seven days. The doctor will tell you after about a week’s time you will be able to start doing normal activities like walking up the stairs, driving and light lifting of objects if necessary. How quickly your body recovers will be dependent on how well you take care of your body with proper exercise and diet.

Many people do not realize that having a diet plan containing less fatty foods will allow your body to heal faster after having their gall bladder removed. However, do not completely give up on foods that contain fat because there is food out there that contains good fat for your body. If you do not, have any fat in your diet, your body will later on have to readjust how to digest fat and that can cause complications. Instead, add the good fat to your diet and make sure your new diet consists of a lot o fiber. Fiber added to your diet will keep your digestive system regular, which means less strain on your body. A proper diet plan and drinking plenty of water is the best way to help your body heal from gall bladder surgery. Besides eating correctly so that your body will heal on the inside, you should also follow the doctor’s orders and take it easy until you feel ready to be more active.

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