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Gamehouse online games are free browser games. The online games range from word games to card games to time management games. Gamehouse has over 350 online games for you to enjoy from the comfort of your home computer. All games require no downloading and feature excellent sounds and amazing graphics. Here is just a sample of Gamehouse online games.

  1. “Treasure Hunt”– “Treasure Hunt” is a hidden object Gamehouse online game. Your uncle, who is a former pirate, is giving all his treasures to the first person who can locate them. You are given a screen to study and then on the next screen, you need to find the objects that have changed from the screen you studied. In each screen, you can also find bonuses like shiny gems.
  2. “Mah Jong Medley”– This online game is very addicting. You can choose from over 300 various layouts. The object of the game is to match pairs together until the puzzle is completed. There are levels from easy to challenging. There are four modes you can choose to play. Classic is the basic version, Ten is where you match pairs that add up to ten, FreeCell gives you an area to move two cards out of the way and Addiction is where your pairs need to be in numerical order.
  3. “Letters from Nowhere”– This hidden object Gamehouse online game is super fun to play. You discover your husband missing with no clues. Until you are sent mysterious letters with clues on them. Your goal is to follow the clues. Each time you find hidden objects, you are closer to solving the mystery. Discover what happened to your husband and who is sending you those letters.
  4. “Plants vs. Zombies”– In this cute, arcade game, your goal is to stop invaders from eating your plants. You use cherry bombs and peashooters to scare away the hungry zombies. There are 49 various plants and 26 different zombies in the game.
  5. “Super Letter Linker”– “Super Letter Linker” is a card Gamehouse online game. The object is to form words with the given letters. The words must be in the form of an unbreakable chain. You have a certain amount of time to create as many words as you can. You can choose from normal or hard settings.
  6. “Cake Shop”– “Cake Shop” is a fast-paced time management game. Your role is a new owner of a cake shop. Your job is to make cakes with various fillings as requested by your customers. You can use your profits to upgrade your cake shop. Your main goal is to make your customers happy.
  7. “Paradise Quest”– This Gamehouse online game is a match 3 game.  The object of the game is to create a beautiful island that has lost its animals and food. You play the character of Dr. Evan Finch who is anxious to uncover ancient artifacts as well as restoring the island.
  8. “Jane’s Realty”- This time management game is a spin-off from “Jane’s Hotel.” It is very fast-paced and challenging. Instead of hotels, Jane is now building entire cities. Your goal is to build, decorate and rent homes.  The better decorated your houses are, the more rent you will make. Use your profits to expand your community.
  9. “Tropix Solitaire”- “Tropix Solitaire” is a card online game at Gamehouse. It is just like your normal solitaire but with a beach twist. The goal is to stack cards by suit on each of the four piles. You start with Aces and end with Kings. Once all cards are placed on each of the four piles, you win the game.
  10. “Kitchen Brigade”- This Gamehouse online game is a time management game. Your role is a graduate from the cooking academy who is opening her own restaurant. You become a contestant on the TV show, “Kitchen Brigade.” You have 66 days to open and run seven restaurants. You have three chefs but you need to help them when they get busy. Use your profits to buy more grills and ovens.
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