Gamertag Ideas

If you want a really cool gamertag and aren't sure of where to start, you may want to learn about gamertag ideas. These ideas will help you decide on choosing the best gamertag for your own personality and how you are perceived by others. Here are a few helpful hints on gamertag ideas.

  1. Be unique. You'll want your gamertag ideas to be as unique as you are so choose gamertag ideas that reflect who you are as a person. If you love to be the winner then use something that reflects that. If you love wolves you may want something in the canine family as your name. There are no limits to your imagination or what you can choose.
  2. Use a generator. If all else fails and you honestly can't think of anything use a gamertag ideas generator. You can find them online and by inputting a few key elements they will generate a gamertag for you. In fact, XBox Live has a gamertag generator that you can use and submit gamertag ideas for others to use.
  3. Find the best gamertag. There are a few unspoken guidelines when choosing the best gamertag. You don't want to add anything with NOOB it it because that is just telling the world you're an amateur. Most game platforms don't allow profanity, racism and other hateful words in a gamertag so never try to attempt it. You can't exchange numbers for letters either; you'll still get caught. Search out what others find amusing. Many have sexual innuendos attached but if that's not you're thing then try to be amusing in other ways.
  4. Check the forums. Choose a gamertag and get ideas from visiting gamer forums. There are thousands out there and a simple search will allow you to view awesome gamertag ideas.

Now you can choose gamertag ideas easily and with more confidence. Keep in mind that some platforms that use gamertags make you keep the same gamertag for good unless you totally disable your account so choose wisely and pick something you'll want to keep forever.

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