Games Not Blocked By School

If you are looking for the best games not blocked at school, look no further. With filters and security software, finding a worthwhile computer game at school can be a challenge. These games remain unblocked at most schools and should be entertaining enough to get you through the longest of classes.

  1. Curve Ball – This game can be found at and is perfect for the gamer who likes the classics. A revamp of the immortal pong, Curve Ball is a three dimensional ping pong game that gives the original some new intricacies. With several levels and high scores to beat it should get anybody through those long and boring days at school.
  2. Run – Run is a game that has proven to be unblocked at most schools and is impressive. Found at, run puts the gamer in control of a cute little character with matrix like abilities as you try to jump and dodge holes and obstacles in your path. The environments are amazing and become quite challenging as you advance. With an adventure mode and an infinite mode it allows for a lot to investigate.
  3. Super Mario – Oh yeah, that’s right. You can play Super Mario Bros. at school. This game is found at and is everything a Super Mario fan could ask for (while at school). Choose to play as Mario or Luigi and see how many classic Mario levels you can make it through.
  4. Zombie Shootout Assault– Its 2011 and zombie games are in. This is another game from and is whole lot of fun. Be forewarned, while this game is unblocked at most schools it does contain a certain amount of violence that might raise eyebrows. You may have to be a ninja to get away with playing this one but it’s worth it.
  5. Bloxorz – This great game comes from the geometry section of the “Hoodamath” website and will give you hours of entertainment. The intent of this game is to roll and flip your block across a series of puzzles to make it in the hole at the end. The puzzles consistently increase in difficulty and add new twists and surprises that will keep any player on their toes. The fact that this game comes from a math website keeps it from being blocked at school. However, a fair warning; this game is addicting and if you’re not careful it might accidentally sharpen your math skills too.
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