Games Online For Free Without Downloading

It is becoming increasingly easy for gamers and software developers to create games online for free without downloading. Some creative souls invent online games you can play for free in flash format. Others create emulations of the classic arcade and home entertainment games. There's a great mix of games here to check out. 

  1. "Paperboy". "Paperboy" is a 1980's classic that everyone can enjoy. Deliver all your papers on your route while dodging traffic, storm drains, dogs and angry customers. You can play the Nintendo version of this game online for free with no downloading at all. Some kind folks created a flash Nintendo emulator at There are many other classic games you can also play online at that website. 
  2. "Street Fighter 2". Here's another classic game that you can play online for free. offers a flash version that emulates the original arcade game. There are six letter keys for punching and kicking. You can also use combinations of these keys for special moves. 
  3. "Matrix Rampage". Play Neo from The Matrix in a battle against enemy agents in a multiple floor building. You are equipped with a variety of weapons. This makes sense because you're a one man army. If one floor is overwhelming, you can scale walls and try another floor. has a version of this game. 
  4. "Super Mario Crossover". An online game developer named Exploding Rabbit created one of the most ingenious online games ever invented. You play on the exact same set as "Super Mario Brothers", but with characters from other classic games. You can be Samus from "Metroid", "MegaMan", Link from "Legend of Zelda", one of the dudes from "Contra" and other characters. All characters have the same traits, jump styles, attack styles, special weapons and theme songs as in their original games. You can play this incredible game online for free without downloading at 
  5. "Hobo Wars". Do you like fantasy adventure games? In this game from HellBored Entertainment, you play a hobo who lives in a cardboard box. You can develop his profile just like in any other adventure game and whoop some butt in the city. Trash a Walmart store, beg for food, gamble and fight in this text and graphics based online game that seems to be at least somewhat inspired by the popular "Mafia Wars" game. It is definitely one of the more addictive games you can play online for free without downloading. Go to for more information.
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