Games Like Runescape But Better

If you are looking to find a game like "Runescape" but better, you may need to clarify what you mean. “Runescape” is a browser-based game by Jagex entertainment and does not claim to have depth of complexity of games like “Eve Onlineor “World of Warcraft.” Finding a free game that is better than "Runescape" is not impossible, although how a game rates largely depends on individual opinion.

  1. Gaia Online.” "Gaia Online," like Runescape, is a browser-based game. It allows for slightly better graphics and has smoother transitions between screens. It is not quite a seamless world, but it does get fairly close to being one. Users can also create their own worlds for the game.
  2. Fly For Fun.” "Fly for Fun" requires the user to download the client, but it is a free game. As with “Runescape” itself, a player can pay an extra fee if he wants more character options.
  3. Myth Wars.” "Myth Wars" is another client-based game. It offers an environment similar to "Runescape", but it relies on levels rather than skills. Final Fantasy players will easily recognize the combat system used.
  4. Battle On.” This is not an MMO, but rather an individual flash MMO that a player can play for free. It also has a “Talk Like a Pirate Day” celebration.
  5. Champions Online.” This game recently went to the free model. It offers better graphics than Runescape and a chance to play a superhero. "Champions Online" started out as a commercial game and has fairly high system requirements as a result
  6. Sword of the New World.Sword of the New World is a Korean Grinder that started out with high ambitions. It also has style. Unfortunately, the commercial model was unsustainable for it and it decided to go to micro transactions.
  7. D&D Online.” The "D&D Online" game also requires a client. It uses the 3.5 table top system gamers are familiar with and takes place in the pulp fantasy world of Eberron. Users will have to buy content from time to time to gain full access to the game.
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