Games Like The Sims

If you're looking to find some really interesting games like "The Sims," then these games will definitely give you a good jumping off point to start with. In this day and age, there are many games like "The Sims," many of which come from different genres including RPGs like "The Elder Scrolls" series and the "Fable" series, as well as MMORPGs like "Second Life" and "World of Warcraft." These games provide players the freedom to create and explore within an open-world gaming environment. 


  1. "Second Life." When it comes to games like "The Sims," the first obvious choice that typically comes to mind is "Second Life." "Second Life" is more so an online virtual gaming world (an MMORPG to be more exact) where players can create their own characters or avatars, buy them clothes, buy them houses, and other items, then make friends, start businesses, and so forth. It's similar to "The Sims" in every way except that there is an actual economy behind "Second Life"; there are real people controlling the characters on screen, and there are membership plans.
  2. "Red Light Center." "Red Light Center" bares many similarities to "Second Life"; it is the same genre of gaming and virtual universe, except that it is more tailor-made for adults (i.e. very X-rated). However, it is one of the many games like "The Sims" as well, allowing you to create characters, make business, and live a virtual life.
  3. The "Elder Scrolls" video game series. Speaking of games like "The Sims," the "Elder Scrolls" video game franchise is a definite must-have if you like these type of games. Beginning with "Arena," continuing with "Daggerfall," "Morrowind," "Oblivion," and the upcoming "Skyrim," the "Elder Scrolls" series is more or less on the RPG side of gaming but it contains many Sim-like attributes like the ability to create your own character, make a business, find work, interact with others, and all in an open-world environment. 
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