Gamestop Return Policy

Looking for information on the Gamestop return policy? Gamestop is a video game retailer with over 6,000 locations in the United States. Other companies that are owned by the Gamestop Corporation include FuncoLand, EB Games, MovieStop, Micromania, and Babbage's. Gamestop has a different return policy for purchases made online and purchases made in store, both of which will be discussed below. Gamestop reserves the right to refuse any return on both items purchased online and in store.

If you made a purchase in a Gamestop retail location, you can return your unopened merchandise within 30 days of purchase for a refund or exchange. If you have opened your merchandise, you can still return it within 30 days, but you can only exchange it for an identical item, unless the merchandise is opened new accessories. If you purchase any used merchandise and/or opened new accessories from a Gamestop retail location, you can return them for a refund within 7 days or an exchange within 30 days. Whether you are making a return for a refund or an exchange, your original purchase receipt is required.

Gamestop has the same 30 day return policy for purchases made online, but several exceptions apply. Products that have been opened, products that are not in their original condition, products that have been damaged, are missing parts, or have been played, and products that were sold in a bundle (unless you are returning the entire bundle) cannot be returned. You can return your products to any Gamestop retail location as long as you have the original packaging slip, although all returns of products purchased online are subject to manager approval. To return a purchase you made online by mail, send the product, the packing list, and the reason for the return to the address on the return shipping label. Shipping and handling costs are non-refundable.



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