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No matter your sexual preference, gay blogs deliver fascinating content related to gay issues, politics, entertainment and sports. In fact, you might be surprised to discover the wide variety of gay blogs out there—everything from tongue-in-cheek coverage of gay icons to thought-provoking cultural analysis and sports coverage.

  1. – For a roundup of the best gay events and news from the Big Apple and New York State, check out this gay blog. This gay blog features everything from interviews with Broadway stars to announcements for GLBT expos and parties.
  2. – If mainstream news leaves you craving coverage of gay issues, Towleroad is the gay blog for you. It features political analysis about gay rights issues and breaking news alerts for gay news stories. At the bottom of the homepage, you will find a well-organized list of stories on four pages of the blog, as well as a calendar to click straight to stories from a particular date.
  3. – Purple Unions, a directory for gay and lesbian weddings, publishes this gay blog devoted to the issue of gay marriage. What could be better than gay marriage coverage written by experts in gay weddings? This gay blog features profiles of gay-friendly wedding vendors, marriage equality protests, legal battles and personal stories of gay weddings.
  4. – Look, this gay blog managed to find a gay perspective on camping, that's right, camping. So if you long for a gay perspective on everything from your favorite activities to big news stories, Daily Dose of Queer is the gay blog for you. You will also find entertainment articles and tongue-in-cheek stories to give you a giggle with your gay news.
  5. – Race, sexuality and identity all intersect in this thought provoking gay blog focused on black men. This gay blog covers everything from sexual abuse to the debate about homosexuality as a "natural" or "unnatural" sexual preference—all connected to the central theme of black gay men.  
  6. – Published by the Federation of Gay Games, this gay blog covers an aspect of gay culture that mainstream media completely ignores: gay athletes and sport events. Check out this gay blog to learn all about homophobia in sports, issues facing gay athletes, gay sporting events and heterosexual bias in mainstream sports. Posts cover sports worldwide, so expect posts in many languages.
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