Ge Profile Refrigerator Problems

Take a look at these GE Profile refrigerator problems to see if you are finding the same issues. There have been many complaints about several different issues with not only GE Profile refrigerators, but other GE models as well. Service technicians will come out to fix problems, but the problems seem to repeat themselves even when major repairs are done.

  1. Temperature control problems. There have been problems reported with the temperature indicator. It will say that the GE Profile refrigerator is running above the recommended temperature of 37 degrees farenheit, when it is actually running much colder than n this.
  2. Thermostat breaking. The 2006 model had a defective thermostat which would stop working. Even when it was replaced by a GE tech it still will have the chance of breaking every few months.
  3. Icing. The temperature control problems can also lead to icing in and around the produce area as well as other areas in the refrigerator. The ice builds up and sometimes even melts, leaks and then refreezes when the temperature in the freezer changes.
  4. Blade breaking off ice maker propeller. This GE profile refrigerator problem is not only expensive, it can also be dangerous. When the blade breaks, the pieces can get into the ice. One report even metioned that someone bit down on it. The whole ice unit needs to be replaced when this breaks.
  5. Cycles through cooling and freezing. Both the fridge side and the freezer side will heat up and cool down continuously. This cycle makes the ice freeze, melt and then freeze again. The problem seems to be with the motherboard in many of the GE Prole refrigerators. Repairmen replace them regularly.
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