Gears Of War 2: How To Get To Locust Stronghold

Need tops for Gears of War 2: How to get to Locust Stronghold? With their backs against the walls, the Gears are putting together one final plan that depends on figuring out how to get to the locust stronghold in Gears of War 2. Characters will make quips about the stronghold throughout the game, but even they are left speechless when they reach the locust stronghold, also known as the Nexus Stronghold. Getting to the stronghold takes a lot of patience and some time-proven strategies to ensure your party makes it there in one piece.

  1. Be patient when waiting to arrive to the stronghold. The nexus stronghold is one of the last major sections in the game and will not come into play until Act IV. Trying to rush through zones to finally see the stronghold will only delay your eventual arrival, so be patient in knowing that you will see it, and, sadly for you, it's anticipating your arrival.
  2. Don't be an ammo hog, but don't waste it either. Ammo in Gears of War 2 is interesting because there never seems to be enough of it, but you'll also rarely run out of ammo with more than one weapon. When fighting your way to the Locust Stronghold, be smart about your weapon selection. There will plenty of enemies surrounding your position once you are in the stronghold, which makes it opportune for the lancer rifle, so try to use your pistol as much as possible on the path there.
  3. Change the path if you are having difficulty. While many of the paths (when you have to choose to go "left" or "right") are balanced, players can often find one side harder for whatever reason. Don't be hesitant to change to the opposite side. It's close-quarters combat may better suit your skill set, then sniping enemies before they reach your position.
  4. Use the torque bow. The path to the Locust Stronghold often has narrow hallways and corners. This makes the torque bow particularly effective, because it can blow up many enemies with one shot or, at the very least, stun them allowing you to get another clear shot.
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