Gears Of War 2 Single Player Horde Tips

Knowing the Gears of War 2 single player horde tips will have you eliminating the locus in all the waves. With the growing popularity of gears of war 2 being played online a few helpful tips will go a long way. The recent announcement of gears of war 3 ashes to ashes will have you going back to playing the single player horde and the campaign again.

  1. Horde Tip 1: Have knowledge of the arena in Gears of War 2. Know where your enemies spawn after each wave and know where all of the weapon placements are located at. Especially, the hammer of dawn, chain gun and the mortar cannon weapons.
  2. Horde Tip 2: When starting a single player horde game for Gears of War 2, run for the hammer of dawn or mortar cannon and use it in the beginning of the wave. The faster you use it, the faster it will respawn. These weapons are essential for the later rounds when you will fight the bloodmounts or difficult opponents.
  3. Horde Tip 3: A nice little trick in Gears of War 2 single player horde is to grab the boom shield and place it in a path of where the locus can’t get to you. Plate the shield backwards, where the handle is facing the enemy, if you don’t the locus will kick down your shield. If done correctly it will be impossible for the locus to reach you. Small enemies will reach you, but they can easily be taken out.
  4. Horde Tip 4: The shields will begin to disappear after the next wave of locus’s. A strategy to keep your shields in place is to grab hold of the shield when there is only two or three enemies remaining. Kill the remaining locus’s and wait 30 seconds after the next wave of enemies show up and plate your shields again.
  5. Horde Tip 5: Conserve your sniper ammo and torque bow. Use your rounds on mid-range locus’s and not on weak enemies. The enemies in gears of war 2 are heavily armored; it will take a long time eliminating the enemy if you aim at the body of the locus. Learn to always aim for the head.



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