Geek Squad Salary

If you’ve been looking for IT support employment, you’ll be interested in this review of Geek Squad salary. Geek Squad is Best Buy's IT support company that hires throughout the US and receives mostly good reviews from customers and previous employees.

Talking to the Employees

Current and previous employees of Geek Squad report that salary ranges from $10 to $22 an hour. The exact amount depends on the specific position and the previous experience of the employee.

By looking online at anonymous reports that current and previous Geek Squad employees have posted, you can see that Counter Intelligence Agents—what basic Geek Squad employees are called—tend to make from $12 to $15 an hour. Higher ranking workers, such as a Deputy Counter Intelligence, can be paid as much as $22 an hour.

Salary Relative to Industry

While computer skills are always in high demand, there are also more and more people joining the work force with excellent technical skills. Still, to fully understand the salary Geek Squad provides, you will need to narrow your focus to look more specifically at the type of computer jobs that Geek Squad offers.

The specific niche inside the IT field that Geek Squad belongs to is technical support. What this means is that employees need to not only know computers, they need to also have expert customer service skills. For this type of work, the hourly wages that Geek Squad provides are comparable to other industry employers.

What Geek Squad Looks For

The standard stereotype of a geek doesn’t include excellent phone and social skills; in fact, it specifically includes the opposite. Unfortunately for stereotypical geeks everywhere, Geek Squad looks for more than expert computer skills. Geek Squad specifically hires computer experts who also know how to communicate effectively and politely, work with customers over the phone in a professional and helpful manner, and behave appropriately in an office or call center environment.

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