Gene Simmons Net Worth

If you have wondered about Gene Simmons' net worth, you are not alone. Simmons is the bassist of one of the most merchandise-friendly bands in history, and he has made quite a lot of money from all those KISS-branded items. In addition, he's the star of the reality show "Family Jewels" and has made forays into writing, acting, and producing. The reality show alone is quite profitable: Gene Simmons earns $40,000 per episode, which must increase his net worth considerably over a season.

It is estimated that Gene Simmons' current net worth is in excess of $300 million. Simmons' story is truly a rags to riches tale. He was born in Israel in 1949 and came to the US when he was eight years old. He grew up watching rock and roll acts on "The Edward Sullivan Show" and joined his first band when he was in high school. He went to college and earned an education degree. He taught grade school before meeting and collaborating with Paul Stanley. Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons formed a band that was almost immediately signed. While that band's first record was not successful, it put the duo in a place where they could connect with other musicians.

They formed the band KISS with Peter Criss and Ace Frehley. Simmons says that KISS played three shows and got a record contract almost immediately after that. The band associated itself with many merchandising opportunities from comic books to dolls to clocks and t-shirts. Although the band got little radio play at its inception, it had a lot of word of mouth support.

Through efforts in playing music and also producing other acts such as Liza Minella, Gene Simmons gradually built his net worth to the massive amount it is today.

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