General Adaptation Syndrome

You may not have heard of general adaptation syndrome but it can affect your health and how you live your life. general adaptation syndrome is a condition in which the body overreacts to stress in a varity of ways. You may have heard the phrase, "stress kills" and believe it or not, this is true when it comes to general adaptation syndrome. Here is some helpful information on general adaptation syndrome so you'll know what to look for and how to help combat the issue.

  1. Causes. General adaptation syndrome is simply put, a reaction to how our body reacts to stress. From losing income to a death in the family, stress can cause health harming symptoms that are sometimes thought of as other conditions.
  2. Examples. Let's say that a person's spouse dies. Sometimes you will notice that the person remaining seems to get sick or in some cases, dies. Many may say that the person died of a broken heart or couldn't go on without the other spouse but this can be a symptom of general adaptation syndrome. Another example can be losing an income or financial difficulties. You may see that same person start getting ill or depressed, which is more natural than you may think.
  3. Stages of general adaptation syndrome. There are three stages of general adaptation syndrome. Each one leads to the other stage and they include: the alarm reaction, resistance or adaption and exhaustion. When the alarm reaction stage is set, the body tries to fight the stress. In stage two, the body is looking for long-term protection and may cause health issues down the line. In the final stage, exhaustion sets in and the body can no longer fight to maintain its health, causing a myriad of adverse health symptoms.

While not everyone in a bad situation may experience general adaptation syndrome, many people that are can see signs of this condition. The best course of action is to try to alleviate stress in your life. Stress is natural and it may be hard to overcome but by doing things that relieve stress, that is a good start to controlling how your body will either fight against you or help you maintain your health.

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