German Athletes In Playboy

What’s the fascination about German athletes in Playboy? Maybe it’s the fact these alluring gorgeous women don toned, sculpted nude bodies. Unlike models athletes have muscles chiseled into Champions. Or it could be the fact they are simply beautiful and you can’t take your eyes off of them with or without clothes. Dudes, these ladies are sizzling hot in "Playboy".

  1. Katharina Scholz – Field Hockey. She stated it was a good opportunity for her at the time as a German athlete in "Playboy" magazine. She’s blonde, tanned and looks like a warrior princess. Scholz stated she had no plans on modeling but dudes she’s model-like just standing still!
  2. Petra Niemann – Sailing. Dirty-blonde German athlete in "Playboy" looks like a Victoria Secrets model. She states she’s working with a therapist to possible get over issues, but if you look at the "Playboy" issue with her photo, she’s therapy for men who need therapy.
  3. Nicole Reinhardt – Kayaking. Beautiful blonde with abs of steel who loves competing in a more technical sport. Dudes love the fact she posed with a kayak paddle their imaginations run wild on the possibilities of the open seas.
  4. Romy Tarangul – Judo. This German athlete in "Playboy" magazine was quoted, “I can beat up men with my sport.” The only brunette of the group who says that blondes have more fun.

One thing these German athletes in "Playboy" all have in common is that they are Olympians who competed in the Olympic games in Beijing. They’re champions in their sport and goddesses on the cover of the German edition of "Playboy" magazine. Warriors in skin, now that’s how dudes like it.

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