German Beer Brands

There's always been a good supply of great beer from Germany, but these best 10 German beer brands are simply the greatest. Germany has been known for its history of amazing beers, but we must pick the best of the best. These beers range from all different kinds of brewing styles, flavor, and density, so there'll be some for everyone's tastes.

  1. Pilsner. Made from classic hops. Pilsner has become somewhat of a staple for German beers. It's simple, but delightful as well.
  2. Weihenstephaner Hefeweissbier. This pure Baravian style wheat beer has been perfected as the malty, frothy beer that it is. The flavor is rich and dark, and fairly strong as well. It's also one of the oldest beers in production.
  3. Spaten Oktoberfest. This is like a limited edition beer, only brewed between August and November. It's sweet and reminiscent of the fall. The brown texture only makes its anticipation more anxious.
  4. Einbecker Ur-Bock. This beer is probably the first of the Bock beers. It's full of dark, frothy goodness. It's name comes from the German town, Einbeck, where it's developed its own unique style.
  5. Paulaner Salvator Doppel Bock. This bock beer is slightly darker than the previous. It also packs a lot of flavor, like most Bocks, but has its own subtle sweetness as well.
  6. Ayinger Bräu-Hell – Helles or Maibock. This is the Bavarian twist to Pilsner Beer. It's dark like most bocks, but it's still malty.
  7. Goose Island Summertime – Kölsch. A beautifully smelling beer, this is usually brewed along with cologne. Although it's usually brewed in Chicago, the recipe is entirely German, and that can never change.
  8. Alaskan Brewing Co. Amber – Alt. This beer has almost no hops or any distinct smell, but it has its small, subtle flavors that offers food for thought for the more observant crowd.
  9. Aecht Schlenkerla Rauchbier. This is a very ''meaty'' beer if that makes any sense, drinkers liken this brand to smoked beef of sorts. It may not be to everyone's taste, but it's at least worth a try.
  10. Berliner Kindl Weisse. The grains of wheat from which this beer is made has been deliberately soured, giving it a very unique flavor. Fruit or other sweetener may be added to give it a more summery taste.
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