Get Around Blocked Sites

The methods used to get around blocked sites are always changing as more people use them. Internet blocking technology providers are always on top of recent trends in getting around blocked sites. The good news is that some methods are made to last. 

To get around blocked sites, you will need:

  • Computer access in a place where the sites are blocked
  1. Use web proxies. Website blockers usually block users of certain websites by restricting access from that institution's ip address. Just about every school, library and workplace has exactly one ip address. Blocking technology restricts users at that ip address from accessing the sites that administrators want blocked. You can disguise your ip address with a web proxie. A web proxie is a website that doubles as a browser. When you type a website address into the browser, you will go to that site with the ip address of a different location. The only downside to this method is that web proxies often get blocked, too. Luckily, new proxies are created every day and there are some email services that will send you the latest proxies on a daily basis. 
  2. Use the search engine cache. The major search engines have caches of websites based on the last visit to the site by the search engine's robots. The cache function can help you get around blocked sites. In the search box, type in the address of the website you wish to go to. Your target site should be the first result. Instead of clicking on the result for the site, click "cache" or "cached" instead. This method usually, but not always, gets you around the blocked site. 
  3. Type the ip address of the blocked website. You can find the ip of the domain of the blocked website at sites such as Instead of typing the website address into your browser, you can type in the ip instead. If this does not work, try it again with "http://" before the ip address. In some cases, the ip address will go to the website hosting service instead of the website that is blocked. 

Not all of these methods for getting around blocked sites will work for you. Each system is different, and some methods change over time as mentioned earlier. A lot of websites offer a lot more methods, but most of them are out of date. It is suggessted that you search for "web proxies" in a search engine and start from there. If this doesn't get you around blocked sites, then move down the list. Also remember that getting around blocked sites may be against the rules or illegal. Do so at your own risk. 

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