Get Caltrans Jobs

If you live in California, you may want to learn how to get Caltrans jobs. The State’s transportation agency can be a great place to work for if you know how to find positions. Knowing how to get Caltrans jobs is not hard with help. Read the directions below to find work at the California Department of Transportation.

To get a Caltrans job, you will need:

  • Computer with internet connection
  • Resume for uploading
  • Time for examinations
  1. Browse for the webpage. Use a web search engine to look for "Caltrans jobs." Find the result that closely matches a database of work titles and select it. 

  2. Explore exams. Do a search for upcoming "State Civil Service Examinations" because it's an important step in how to get Caltrans jobs. Register for and take the exam before proceeding.

  3. Become listed. Note your exam results you receive in the mail and the rank listed. The top 3 ranks will be placed on a reachable employment list. Only persons on the reachable employment lists may continue to the next step.

  4. Search for work. Look for and submit information for job openings. Use the Vacancy Search (VPOS) part of the Caltrans website. Choose search words relevant to work you are looking for (ex: clerical). Include all work history and resume information to apply for positions.

  5. Go to interview. The next step in how to get a Caltrans jobs is to wait for someone to call you to schedule an interview for a work position. Go to the interview and dress professionally.

  6. Pass a test. Take a medical exam or drug test as part of the pre-employment procedure. For many positions, a passing drug test is necessary for employment.

  7. Get notified. Receive a phone call from an interviewer about your new employment position. Congratulations on learning how to get Caltrans jobs. You did it!

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