Get Combat Diver Certification

Discover how to get combat diver certification training for furthering your military career. It is up to the United States Army Special Operations Command’s commanding general (CG) to ensure that there is an open training spot for you. To start the process that lets you get combat diver certification training, it is necessary to meet the basic qualifications.

  • Commissioned officers hold a SC 11, 18, 60, 61, 62 or 65
  • Enlisted personnel is a CMF 11 or 18

Once you meet the basic designations, the steps to follow ensure that candidates have a good chance of successfully completing the program while also withstanding the rigors of the training.

  1. Locate an USASOC-sanctioned combat diving training program. The CG assists with this step. Be advised that for the sake of training and to get combat diver certification a temporary transfer may become necessary.
  2. Fill out the application for the CG. Since he is in charge of selecting candidates likely to succeed in the course and put the skills to good use, custom-tailor the application accordingly. This is also a good time to consider your future army career and perhaps even branch out a bit.
  3. Submit DD forms 2808 and 2807-1. Admission to the course depends on a clean bill of health and a physical is a must. If time is of the essence, consider applying for a waiver signed off on by the CDR; this is granted only on a case by case basis.
  4. Complete a pretest. During this test, applicants prove that they can swim 500 meters with a breaststroke and 25 meters under water. The would-be diver must also prove that he can tread water for a full two minutes while keeping hands and ears above the water’s surface. A weight-hoisting test requires the applicant to retrieve a 20-pound weight from a depth of three meters.
  5. Attend the combat diver training classes. The main diving schools are located in Key West, Florida and Coronado, California; even so, there are other schools that feature this training as well. The CG ensures that your orders specify the location of the training.
  6. Graduate from the combat diving qualification course. (This course is known in army lingo as the “CDQC.”) Get combat diver certification papers. If you are enlisted personnel, you may receive a W7, W9 or ASI designation. As an officer, you will receive an ASI 4W. If you go on to be a combat diving supervisor, your designation with be ASI S6.

Once you get combat diver certification papers, there are a number of potential positions open for the successful graduate. Consider going the officer’s or supervisor’s route to train future recruits.

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