Get Comfy: Best Bedding for Men

The best bedding for men to have to get comfy while still being stylish. The last thing any man wants is to bring a girl home to his exceptionally cheap scratchy bed, or even worse to his bed that still has character sheets on them! If you are a single man who brings a lot of women home then sticking to neutral patterns and styles is probably the best idea. You do want not overwhelm your girl with your hunter theme bedding set now do you? While comforters and decorative pillows can seem to be the most important items when purchasing new bedding the most important part is actually your sheets and pillow cases. The sheets you keep on your bed can say quite a bit about you as well as show your girl how much you enjoy being comfortable while cuddling her close.

  1. Standard cotton sheets are some of the best and cheapest bedding for men. Cotton sheets offer many different varieties of styles, materials and thread counts. The standard cotton sheets with high thread counts around 700 are loved by many for being so incredibly comfy to curl up in. One thing to remember when purchasing cotton sheets is that the higher thread count not only means more comfort, but it also means the warmer those sheets will keep you while you are sleeping at night.
  2. Egyptian cotton sheets are some of the best bedding for a man if he really enjoys soft sheets. These sheets are the highest quality cotton sheet that you can get. You can also get Pima or Supima cotton sheets and they too are made with such high quality standards. They are both made of Gossypium Bardadense plants the only difference is that the Egyptian version is grown by the Nile River while Pima/Supima is grown in California or the Southwest.
  3. Flannel sheets are a great way to keep warm and enjoy ultra soft sheets. Flannel sheets are brushed so that they only have the softest possible fibers to rub against your body why you are getting your rest! It is also a great way to have a masculine look without having to go to the full out camouflage print bedding set.
  4. Silk sheets have a reputation for being an awfully dangerous choice when you are planning on having ladies over. However, the reality is that it one of the best kinds of sheets to have around. If you really hate how hot and sweaty you get using cotton sheets then silk may be the best choice for you. Of course you should avoid the silk pajamas while using silk sheets, but the silk sheets will help to keep you much cooler on those hot summer nights!
  5. I bet most of you men have never heard of bamboo sheets before. Well Bamboo Viscose sheets are one of the top choices for men’s bedding! These sheets have the whole package that typical cotton sheets simply cannot give you. They are incredibly soft while still being extremely breathable. You get the great comfort of high thread count cotton sheets while still staying cool. They also have a moisture wicking ability that helps you to keep that sweat off of you if your night does heat up!
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