Get Free Ringtones Sent To Your Phone

Knowing how to get free ringtones sent to your phone is fairly easy. The availability of special MP3 features in each cellular phone produced these days has resulted in almost everyone wanting to have songs and music videos in their mobile phone. The easy uploading of songs through the Internet and other sources like Bluetooth has made this task easier than before. The icing on the cake is these songs can be uploaded free of cost, hence the tactic of how to get free ringtones sent to a cell remains the current favorite discussion thread among many music lovers. We have presented two unique ways of getting a song delivered free to your cell phone, which includes the Ringerdrop Team uploading and free email delivery of ringtones. Both are discussed here in explicit detail.

The Ringerdrop Team Uploading

Things you'll need:

  • Cell phone
  • Computer with internet access
  1. Enter your ten-digit mobile number in the space provided at their website.
  2. Select the cellular phone carrier that you have.
  3. You will need to enter the name of your favorite audio track onto the website for the transfer to begin.
  4. Click on "Begin Uploading."

Tips: The track that is uploaded remains on the website for around ten days, during which you will have to activate the ringtone on your cell phone. The Ringerdrop Team is not active on the iPhone or the iPad.

Free Email Delivery of Ringtones

If you own a Nokia or a Motorola handset, you can easily ensure free email delivery of ringtones through the email gateway or the SMS code language. Follow these steps to download ringtones free of cost using this procedure.

Things you'll need:

  • Cell phone
  • Computer with internet access
  1. Visit the Nokia or Motorola website and click on "Try It On Your Phone" link next to the ringtone you like.
  2. Choose the means of the free email delivery. You can either choose "Nokia Binary" or "Motorola by SMS."
  3. You will get several code words through the delivery format in the forms of "message 1 syntax" or "message 2 syntax," which have to be copy and pasted onto your computer clipboard.
  4. Click "Send It To Your Phone" and the delivery will now be processed within a few minutes.
  5. Enter the ten-digit mobile number and your mobile carrier's name onto the website.
  6. Enter a valid email address for the free email delivery of ringtones to your cell phone.
  7. Click the "Send" button and the ringtone should be sent to your phone soon after the verification is done.
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