Get A Girl To Send Nude Pics

Are you looking for how to get a girl to send nude pics

  1. Establish trust. Trust is the most important aspect of this strategy. It doesn’t matter how many tricks of the trade you’re given; if you cannot get a girl to trust you, then she will not give you any nude pictures of her. Show that she can confide in you not to share certain information she would not want anyone else to know by keeping what she tells you close to your chest. This includes small things like the fact that she’s intensely afraid of kangaroos or the fact that she’s neurotic about matching colors in her wardrobe. Don’t make her feel judged for the things she shares, and even if you have an opinion, express that it doesn’t change how you feel about her and that you’re open to understanding her perspective. Once she feels she can trust you, the pathway to asking for nude pics becomes much smoother and clearer.
  2. Make her feel desirable. Stroking her ego is as important as ever right now. Play up her sexy attributes and assuage her insecurities by telling her how hot and sexy she is. You have to use sexually-charged words, but also be aware of inserting sensually-charged language as well. Most women want raw sensuality blended into their interactions with you. While most of the ways you’ll describe her drip with sexual fever, play on her need to feel like a goddess by telling her how beautiful she is, how gorgeous she is and how lovely her face or other less sexual features (soft skin and amazing hair are good examples) are. Even when she tries to downplay anything on her body, ignore it and tell her nobody’s perfect but she comes damn close for you.
  3. Set the mood by being the example. You’re the man, take control and take the lead. Being one-sided when it comes to sharing sexy, nude pics is completely unfair. Selfish sexting is as much of a turnoff as selfish foreplay and sends subtle indications that you are selfish in the sack. The best way to get her to send you nude pics is to start sending racy material yourself. As you flirt with her, send her something sexy, like a pic of you shirtless or the straining bulge of your thick erection in sweatpants. You can expose more as you like, but make it clear that you would love to see her reciprocate in kind. A word of caution: Don’t just give to get. Yes, set the example and put yourself out there first, but be comfortable with your body so there are no regrets in any of your actions. Share as you please in hopes she’ll reciprocate, but don’t create hard expectations that she’ll repay in kind. 
  4. Ask for what you want but respect her boundaries. Whenever you’ve gotten her mood prepped just right, suggest that you’d love to see a sexy personal photo of her. Ask her for a pic, but show respect if she turns your request down for any reason. Don’t pressure her to change her mind, just apologize and keep the convo going. If you stop talking abruptly, she’ll read you as a jerk and you won’t get anything from her – ever.
  5. Don’t share the goods! Her pics are for your eyes only! Girls are aware of guys sharing their sexy photos with their friends, or even worse, putting them on those homegrown sites. Don’t ever share her pics with anyone, not even your best friend. Even if you break this rule, show them from your phone or your email, but do not forward their pictures!
  6. Show appreciation! You got the girl to send nude pics, now make sure she knows how much they turn you on by explicitly telling her what you’re thinking about as you gaze at them. This will allow her to feel comfortable and sexy enough to show more in the future.
  7. Wash, rinse, repeat. Need one say more?

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