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Getting a job at JC Penney can be one of the most challenging and trying experiences one takes on when trying to get a job. JC Penney is a national clothing retailer with over 1000 locations. The stores often have many leased departments that can be worked in from optical departments to portrait studios. For those seeking a job in this retailer must follow this procedure. 

  1. Go to the JC Penney website. JC Penney prefers to receive application online as opposed to providing paper application. The online application can be found by going to the JC Penney website at Scroll to the bottom of the screen and click on "career opportunities" to go to the application website. 
  2. Click the "stores" button. This button will take applicants to the most commonly sought-after positions. From here you have two choices to apply for jobs, hourly or management.
  3. For management jobs, click "see job openings." This will take the applicant to a large list of open positions within stores across the United States. The list can be narrowed and focused as the applicant sees fit. Once a job is found, click "apply now" and it will take the applicant to a formal online application to be filled out.
  4. For hourly jobs, click "learn more" under the hourly jobs description. This application process is very different from the normal as it requires the applicant to take a test to see if they meet the same standards that JC Penney seeks in employees. Be sure to have plenty of time to take the test and minimal distractions. The test is difficult and many do not qualify to work for JC Penney because of it. If the test is failed, the applicant cannot reapply until six months have passed. If the test is passed, the application process will continue until it is submitted.
  5. Wait. The next step will be to wait for contact from JC Penney. If the applicant applied for a management job, it may be suggested to contact the JC Penney store applied to about a week after submitting the application. This will show significant interest in the position.    
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