Get Motocross Bike Insurance

Many recreational motocross drivers believe that getting motocross bike insurance is a waste because it isn't a primary source of transportation. Getting motocross bike insurance is essential for every driver though. Insurance can be there to protect the driver physically and legally. Thinking that a motocross bike cannot cause much damage is a huge mistake as the driver may be liable for causing accidents that may have significant damage and losses. 

To get motocross insurance, you will need:

  • Motocross bike VIN (Vehicle Identification Number)
  • Your personal information
  • Your driving record
  1. Decide how much coverage you need. Decide this factor first as it is important when getting motocross bike insurance. Consider how often the bike is going to be driven, where the bike will be driven, if there are any other drivers, and whether or not motocross bike races as something to be interested in. Some insurance companies only write motocross bike insurance up to a certain amount of coverage and many do not write insurance for someone who will race the motocross bike competitively. 
  2. Speak to an insurance company. There are numerous insurance companies out there but only a few that write motocross bike insurance and many don't even write motorcycle insurance. A few companies that write motocross bike insurance are Progressive, Arista Underwriting Agency, and Dairyland Insurance.  There are also many companies that work with specific makes, so try contacting the maker of the motocross bike or the dealer for more information. 
  3. Meet with an agent. It is always best to meet with an agent in person or speak to one over the phone to ensure understanding of the policy and how it will work. Ask a lot of questions and be sure to run through how much coverage you really need on this motocross bike. Make sure to go over which insurance coverages protect the driver, the bike, and other people involved. 



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