Get National Park Service Jobs

For those wondering how to get national park service jobs, it is not as hard as it may seem. The national park services provides over 10,000 seasonal positions a year and currently holds 16,000 permanent positions across the country. Working for the national park service, you can find yourself at some of the country’s most historic sites.

 To get a national park service job, you will need:

  • Computer
  • Internet access
  1. Look into temporary positions. When looking for a job with the national park service, temporary positions include park guides, park rangers, seasonal maintenance technicians, biological science technicians, and visitor use assistants among others. These jobs are great for those who enjoy working for the public and for those not looking for permanent full time employment.
  2. Look into permanent positions. Considering, the park service provides thousands of permanent jobs a year, it should not be difficult to find openings. Permanent positions are offered in the career fields of archeology, engineering, park police, human resources, history, biological science and community planning, among others. Full time employees receive benefits, as well as vacation and sick leave.
  3. Search for jobs. Employment opportunities for the national park service are listed at the USAJOBS website (, which is the official employment website of the United States Government. Search for opportunities under the national park service.
  4. Apply to positions in which you are qualified. The national park service will always hire the most qualified candidates. It is best to only apply for positions in which you are qualified, or have experience in.
  5. Do a follow up on the application. For better chances of landing the job, do a follow up on your application. The USAJOBS website will provide the appropriate follow up instructions per job listed.
  6. Volunteer in the meantime. The national park service has over 400 park national parks to volunteer at. They hire over 125,000 volunteers a year. To find volunteer opportunities in your area go to
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