Get A Prescription Scuba Mask

Learn about how to get a prescription scuba mask so you can enjoy every moment of scuba diving. If you wear prescription glasses or contacts to see clearly, you'll want to look into getting a prescription scuba mask. This will allow you to see the ocean floor and all of the sea creatures while scuba diving. Although a prescription Scuba mask may be more costly than a regular scuba mask, it will be worth it if you plan to Scuba dive on a regular basis.

To get a prescription Scuba mask, you will need:

  • Prescription for corrective lenses
  • Computer with Internet access
  1. Log on to the Internet. Type "prescription scuba mask" in the search engine.
  2. Select one of the options. Several web sites are available to get a prescription scuba mask. Look at two or three sites to find one that you are comfortable with. Ask around for recommendations on which Web site to use if you belong to a scuba club.
  3. Choose a mask. On the web site, begin by selecting the mask. This option will include selecting the color of dive mask and/or trim color. The color is a personal choice, so choose what looks good to you. The mask will hold the prescription lenses, which are the important parts.
  4. Add the lenses. The next step is to choose prescription lenses. The prescription lens options are as follows:  no prescription, gauge reader, single vision, and bifocal lenses. For prescription lenses, select the correct lens depending on your individual corrective lens prescription. Brands include Snorkel Mart, Sea Vision USA, and Aqua Eyewear.
  5. Fill in the prescription. To complete the order for a prescription scuba mask, add the right eye and left eye prescription to the boxes on the Web site. Another option that is usually available is to fax the doctor's prescription to the scuba mask maker.
  6. Choose the lens color. Select a lens color from the options available. Choose the color correcting option if you plan to dive. Ultraviolet protection is another option you can get with a prescription scuba mask. Discuss these options with your eye doctor to get the best fit for you.
  7. Pay for the prescription Scuba mask. Complete the order by paying for the dive mask on the web site. Complete your shipping information and note the order number and print the order form for your records.
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