Get A Secret Girlfriend

If you are already in a committed relationship or even married, you may want to get a secret girlfriend to spice up your own sex life. Often times, having a secret girlfriend has nothing to do with you not loving the woman in your life but more to do with a physical attraction or need that you partner cannot fulfill.

  1. Before you begin to explore the world of having a secret girl friend, there are a few things you need to figure out. Why do you want a secret girlfriend? Are you willing to lose the main woman in your life if you are found out? How will you handle things if your secret girlfriend decides she wants more?
  2. When looking for a secret girlfriend, make your objectives and goals clear. Let it be known that you are already in a committed relationship and only looking for an occasional hook-up on the side. Do not lead a woman into thinking you want a relationship just to get laid. Let it be known that the relationship must remain a secret and that the two of you can never be seen in public together.
  3. Proceed with caution. Women have a tendency to become attached and want more than the initial agreed upon terms of a secret girlfriend. Never lead her on. Always make it clear that she is a secret girlfriend and nothing more. Be discreet. It is easy to forget the secrets involved in having a secret girlfriend when the relationship becomes comfortable. The longer you are together the more comfortable the relationship becomes and the more relaxed and less discreet you become.
  4. Be 100-percent sure this is what you want. The devastation a secret relationship can cause is immense and often times cannot be repaired.
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