Ghost Towns Of America

There are a surprising number of ghost towns of America, as people have tried to settle all over the country and not had it work out for a number of different reasons. When people think of ghost towns of America, they usually think of areas in the West or South which are isolated and few people travel to. However, it might surprise you to learn that many of the ghost towns of America are actually located in very populated states and areas. Many of these ghost towns of America just didn't work out as towns and people collectively moved away, to greener pastures. See the list of ghost towns of America to see if one of these more famous ghost towns is located near you.

  1. Centralia, Pennsylvania. One of the best known ghost towns of America, this ghost town has recently become abandoned, only uninhabited since the 1960's. This is due to a mine catching fire underground, which destroyed a number of houses and broke apart a number of roads. The town has been abandoned but it is very modern in look and feel. Smoke still rises from the cracks undrground, as the fire is actually still burning more then half a century later.
  2. Kendall, Montana. This ghost town of America is relatively remote in the massive, unpopulated state of Montana. It was also a mining town and was abandoned more then a century ago. However, most of it's buildings are still perfectly intact, making it seem like everyone from it's time literally just got up and left.
  3. Bradshaw City, Arizona. Another abandoned ghost town of America since the early 1900's, Bradshaw City will give you an idea of what life was like in Wild West pioneer times. All that really remains of the town is a saloon and post office, which regularly hosts tourists who have stopped through, whether they know they are in a ghost town or not.
  4. Thurmond, West Virginia. This ghost town of America is so famous that it actually is no longer a ghost town, due to the fact that it's beautiful train station has been renovated and there are now people working at it, living in the old town. This is considered one of the most beautiful ghost towns of America and is on the national historic registry.
  5. Bodie, California. This ghost town of America is the quintessential ghost town in the Wild West, complete with a church, gas station and old style saloon. It is right on the border of California, beside Nevada and Yosemite National Park.
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