Gianni Agnelli: Style

Discover the simple elegance of Gianni Agnelli style. While he may be beast known for being the chairman of Fiat, Gianni Agnelli was also know for his impeccable sense of style. Unlike a lot of the men's styles that you see today, Gianni Agnelli style isn't about how much bling you have, obnoxious t-shirts or over sized jeans; Gianni Agnelli style is all about a well made, well tailored suit, face flattering hair cuts and of course, brilliant Italian leather shoes.

  1. Time for a hair cut. Gianni Agnelli style starts with having the right hair cut. Your hair should be cut short so that it is above the ears along the sides. The rest of your hair should be cut short, but even throughout. Once your hair is the right length smooth it back with a little bit of gel. You don't need a lot of product to rock Gianni Agnelli style hair. Just just enough to keep your hair in place without looking too stiff.
  2. Have plenty of basic dress shirts. The foundation of Gianni Agnelli style is a well made dress shirt. Your shirt should reflect your true size–so if you wear a medium, buy a medium—going with shirts that are over sized can ruin the cut of your suit and ruin your Gianni Agnelli style. Your dress shirts should also be simple, stick with solid colors like white, black, light or dark blues. This will ensure that your shirt will always complement the rest of your outfit without being over powering when you're rocking Gianni Agnelli style.
  3. Have your suits tailored. The highlight of Gianni Angelli style is a well tailored suit. Stick with basic colors such as black, blue or gray, because they work well for every occasion. They will work well with the basic colors of your shirts and can work just as well if you wear a shirt that has a pattern. Just like your shirts, your suit should be tailored to your true body size. Stay away from the trendy skinny cuts and have something done that is flattering to your body.
  4. Set it off with the right tie. The tie is at the heart of Gianni Agnelli style. Wear a bright colored or patterned tie that compliments the other colors in your suit and calls attention to how smooth you look.
  5. Top it off with a great pair of shoes. The shoes can make or break your Gianni Angelli style. Wethur you prefer square or round toe dress shoes, just make sure that your shoes are clean and rock a high shine to pull your version of Gianni Angelli style.
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